Customer Driven

Do the hard work to make customers' lives easier and more productive

Work Culture

Friendly competition, mentorship, grow together, and get the job done right the first time


Work around crazy schedules, but never lose sight of the project priorities


Money is important, but people are a priority

Businesses need to make money, and so do I, but don't sacrifice quality and customer satisfaction. The result is important, but the people involved along the way are too.

Teamwork and collaboration no matter the location

I went to high school online and learned how to work alone and make my own schedule. At HPE/DXC I learned to work on site but remotely as my entire Salesforce team was in Houston, California, and India, while I was alone in Arkansas.


What I want to do

I want to be a Salesforce Developer supporting customer progress by customizing and configuring Salesforce to their specific needs, while working closely with a team to ensure the best solutions possible.

Click for my Resume: [KBuck Resume March-2019]