How to Get Set Up With the Team

If you have been directed here to get on the team, please click each of the above buttons to get registered in the official systems and up to date in the team communication app.

  1. Join BenchApp and request the Team Code from me:
    • BenchApp is accessible from both mobile apps as well as in a browser
    • If you are already on BenchApp with another team, then skip to requesting the Team Code from me
    • Please include phone number and email address when setting up your BenchApp account
    • When prompted by BenchApp, request the Team Code from me to enter in on your screen
    • Once logged in, please take a look at the Roster and select a jersey number if you have not done so already
    • Message everyone in the group chat and introduce yourself!
  2. Register with USA Hockey:
    • Required for any of The Rinks facilities and a prerequisite to playing any games
    • Must be renewed annually usually in August
    • Save your Membership Number to be used in the next step
  3. Register on DASH:
    • Create a DASH account if you do not have one already
    • Formally join the team on The Rinks' system - usually you select the Team then Request to Join (this sends me an email for approval)
    • After approval, please pay team dues