I try to stay as active as possible while also taking my down time seriously. I like taking it easy, but here are the activities I enjoy most!

Ski / Snowboard

Snowbird is the place to be! I've been skiing since I turned 3, so in the wintertime I can be found on the tram. I'll try other resorts, but Snowbird is my go to.

Paddleboard / Kayak

If there is water, then Max and I could be found out paddling. I have no interest in paddleboarding in the ocean, but the calmer waters of lakes and rivers suited us nicely. Max wasn't a fan of waves, but little rapids were just fine. It's about time I get Drover out on the water. He loves swimming, but we haven't tried kayaking together just yet.


Krizia Grand Canyon trail


As a family we used to play together as a band, but now I mostly just listen to music and support my little sister's music career. She's a singer-songwriter with a moody and dark vibe going for her. She's performed alongside SXSW and released her first EP in 2017 with Invengo Productions. She performs all over central Texas and has had shows and bookings in Los Angeles and Nashville as well. Check her out on Spotify, Instagram, and iTunes: LUXE


Obviously I've got English under my belt, but I tend to have trouble explaining thoughts out loud so some interpretation still necessary. I've got a good handle on Spanish thanks to my mother's side of the family, and I'm working on French although slowly.


Road trip to anywhere and I'm in. I hope to hit all of the continental states at some point on a grand adventure with my furry friend. I'll definitely be that person with the US states map that crosses them off along the way. Some European countries and New Zealand are top of the list for traveling abroad. We'll take our gear anywhere and find something to explore. Sea, snow, mountain, or desert - we will enjoy the diverse world around us.

Krizia CO
Max paddle boarding


As a recent resident of California, I have gotten into the Anaheim Ducks and have rooted for them since I moved here. I absolutely love the fast paced game and have taken it to the next level, because I now play hockey! I'm a regular at adult clinics/pickups/stick times and am on two adult beer league teams in Irvine at Great Park Ice as goalie. My week isn't complete without taking to the ice a few times.

Horseback Riding

When I was little, I rode Western and did some basic training to be comfortable around and on horses. After around a decade or more without them, I've come back and most recently rode English. I used to train once or twice each week on jumping and horsemanship. My new passion is endurance riding, which is harder to train for but I get out there whenever I can. And yes, of course I want a pony when I grow up!


As an on and off church goer for most of my life, I have come to find my place at First Christian Church in Huntington Beach. Every Sunday I go to the first service then have the honor to serve as a room leader in the second service for the 5 year-olds class! That short hour and a half is the highlight of my week!


Hike / Bike

When Max was getting older, he struggled a little but still loved a good hike when it wasn't too hot, and a good breeze for him to take in while sitting on the back of my bike as Drover ran alongside. As for Drover, he goes nuts on trails and absolutely loves climbing and leading the way.


I'll read most any period piece, mystery, or historical fiction book out there. Then of course I'll try to find film adaptations so I can compare the story in my head to that on the page and on the screen.


I find a lot of joy in growing my own food. My past garden consisted of a few varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, string beans, carrots, basil, and much more. Can't wait to start another garden when I have the opportunity.

Max on bike